Save the Date for Personalized Nutrition 2019

Personalized Nutrition 2019SM 
Restoring Human Health & the Environment
November 12-16, 2019, San Diego, CA

Our environments shape us and we shape our environments. Starting before conception and through old age, our biology, psychology and genetic expression are being formed and informed by the world around us. Our nutritional inputs, toxic exposures, microbiome influencers, and stressors guide and influence our health and our lives.

And our imprint heavily shapes the environment. For the first time in history, humans are the primary drivers of environmental change. Human nutrition is inextricably linked to the health of the planet--our air, our waters and our soil are critical elements of elaborate and interdependent systems that support life and allow it to thrive. Wise approaches to personalized nutrition research and clinical strategies can help to reverse both the vicious cycle of chronic disease and environmental degradation by propelling people and the planet toward greater health.

The ACN’s 60th annual conference is Personalized Nutrition 2019, the gathering of thought leaders, researchers, clinicians and food systems experts for a deep conversation on the give-and-take of planetary health and nutrition, and implications at the point of clinical care. Join the personalized nutrition community in San Diego, CA as we explore the interconnection of human health and the environment.

Attendee registration will open March 2019!
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